Below is a list of the most common questions I get asked on Twitter along with the answers. I'll update this periodically, but if you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to ask me @DaveT_ETX

Q. Why is NASCAR The Game: Inside Line being released this Fall?
A. Even though the game will ship November 6th, all the content has to be finished by early July. To give us the maximum time to include the latest paint schemes and track changes we decided it would be better to launch later in the year. For the game to come out at the start of the 2012 season, the assets would have needed to be finished in September 2011. It's practically impossible for the game to be up to date under those circumstances.

Q. Where does the name Inside Line come from?
A. Well besides the obvious racing reference, if you have the Inside Line on something such as NASCAR it means you are connected at the ground level, you know what's going on and what it's all about and that allows us to produce a realistic gaming experience.

Q. Which season in the game based on 2012 or 2013?
A. The game is based on the 2012 season.

Q. Are you going to have a 2013 DLC update?
A. Once we've completed NTG:IL we'll start to look at DLC plans moving forward.

Q. Can we customize our drivers fire suit?
A. Unfortunately no, it hasn't been possible to add that feature.

Q. Are Nationwide or Trucks in the game?
A. The amount of time and effort that goes in to licensing, sourcing, producing and the approval process per car is huge. We just don't have the ability to do that for all 3 series, so we decide to concentrate our efforts on the Sprint Cup Series and get that 100% right.

Q. Will the game come out anywhere else but the USA?
A. We won't know the answer to that until nearer the release.

Q. Is my favorite driver going to be in the game?
A. Nearer the release, we'll publish a complete list of drivers and their paint schemes. You can always try Tweeting your driver and ask them if they're in the game

Q. Why are there no alcohol sponsors in the game
A. The alcohol sponsors are concerned about advertising in a product which will be played by minors.

Q. Can you drive the car in pit road and under caution?
A. Unfortunately not, we've had to prioritize which features we've worked on and this one didn't make it.

Q. Where do we gain control of the car after a pit stop?
A. You are handed control of the car at the final yellow line exiting pit road.

Q. Do you still have illegal entry penalties
A. There are no illegal entry penalties. If you speed in pit road, you'll be allowed to complete your stop and will then have to serve a drive through within 3 laps. If you do not serve the penalty within 3 laps, your laps will stop being counter. If the race ends within 3 laps of the speeding offence, a time penalty will be added to your overall race time.

Q. Can you DNF?
A. Yes because of either mechanical damage or by running out of gas.

Q. When you run out of fuel will you coast to a stop?
A. Yes, hopefully you'll make it back to pit road!

Q. Is there a fuel and tire wear multiplier?
A. Yes, in all modes you can increase the fuel use and tire wear up to x 4.

Q. Is the lag, bubble and surging fixed online?
A. The online code has been completely re-written and the issues that plagued NTG 11 are not in NTG:IL. The online experience is a significantly better one.

Q. Can you practice and qualify online?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can we save online replays?
A. It hasn't been possible to add this.

Q. In an online game can you have multiple version of the same car e.g. 4 x 88's?
A. Yes you can. We have given you the option to change your driver and paint scheme in the lobby. This allows all the players in the lobby to either run with different drivers or play as whoever they want.

Q. On Xbox, can others see my custom schemes online.
A. Not currently. This feature is high on our wish list to implement if we have time. Currently, if you run with a custom paint scheme, your chosen number, color scheme, contingencies and manufacture sticklers are seen by other players.

Q. Is there a split screen or online season mode?
A. Unfortunately we've just not had the time to include those specific modes this time around. To be clear, you can still play split screen.

Q. Do we have team mates in Career Mode?
A. You don't, you are the only driver in the team.

Q. Are the non points events in the game such as the All Star Race and The Duels?
A. Yes. In Career Mode you get to take part in all the non points events.

Q. Will there be in race commentary?
A. There will be pre-race announcers in Career mode, but not during the race. We have added Crew Chief VO along with extra Spotter VO minus the hotdogs

Q. Are there real world sponsor stickers in the paint booth?
A. Yes, over 60, so you can make some really cool looking paint schemes.

Q. Can we upload custom paint schemes from the PC in to the game.
A. Unfortunately this isn't possible. However, the paint booth has been through a major overhaul to make it even more user friendly including adding mirror mode functionality.

Q. Does the Wii version have the paint booth?
A. It's not technically possible to have this feature in the Wii version. There are additional pre-made schemes that the user can choose from.

Q. Will there be a PC version?
A. We're looking in to the possibility but there are no plans yet.

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Last Update: 08/12