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    NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Confirmed List *Updated 10/15/2012*

    Here is a list of things that have been CONFIRMED for NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

    • Release date: 11/6/12
    • In public races ONLY, when you sit still or drive backwards your car is ghosted
    • In private lobbies you will be able to select the next track
    • Exhibitions races offline only
    • All star style qualifying is in for the All Star event
    • Season mode, AND a career mode
    • Improved Damage Model; Less tearing
    • Bud shootout/All Star Race/Sprint Showdown/ Gatorade Duels in career/season mode
    • Improved Career mode
    • AI intelligence "improved"
    • Paint booth, improved interface/easier to use
    • Customs can have up to 1200 layers

      • Possibility of chrome wheels on the cars
      • Custom schemes will not be shown online for 360
      • You will be able to mirror decals on both sides of the car
      • Contingency sponsors are already applied, along with the Goodyear logo above the wheels

    • Pre-race presentation
    • 16 car online lobbies
    • More camera angles
    • There will be a mirror
    • Online lobbies "much improved"

      • The counter no longer resets when new users join
      • Online practice
      • Online Qualifying

    • You will no longer instantly DNF when you run out of fuel. You will continue to roll. (Most likely until either you hit pit road, or lose all momentum, or cross the line to finish)
    • Black Flags are implemented with the appropriate rules/and tracks (Passing below the yellow)
    • Red Flags are in- they come out when a car flips over (no longer than a caution sequence)
    • AI will serve black flags, just like the user
    • Multiple racing lines
    • Cars will overheat accordingly
    • Improved physics system
    • DNF's are in the game

      • AI's are supposed to DNF after a hard accident
      • You will be able to blow your engine
      • You can turn damage all the way off (no cosmetic/mechanical) or have cosmetic, or full

    • Pit road will be on the proper side at Watkins Glen
    • Longer burnouts

      • Improved smoke

    • Pit stops will be more realistic this year; Not as slow as they were in NTG: 11
    • Going down pit lane, the AI will enter much smoother. They will also no longer cause accidents.
    • Pit road animations work smoother
    • No dedicated servers, although the online coding is "improved"
    • AI Drivers will be able to use different schemes
    • Split screen has been improved; You can use your customs. (Possibly change schemes as well)
    • On the Wii, 4 player split screen.
    • On PS3/360 2 player split screen with a total of 43 drivers on the track.
    • Expanded race weekend.
    • New practice/qualifying setup editing features
    • Correct spoiler design at Superspeedways
    • Spotter/Crew Chief Chatter Improved
    • Pit crew will be shown online (the players) not other users
    • Track Evolution throughout a race
    • Game will be shipped with the 2012 season.
    • Added wheel options/other wheel compatibility issues also addressed
    • AI Drivers will also be effected by tire wear, along with fuel usage
    • AI difficulty "much tougher and closer to what we see every Sunday"
    • In car brake bias is now adjustable
    • Pit stop adjustments expanded
    • Bristol has been "fixed"
    • Tracks will be updated to reflect their repaved state
    • Tire/Fuel/Brake wear is improved and in the game
    • Career cars will be upgradable
    • Will be able to use the clutch and assign to a button
    • Your pit stall will be assigned to you as it was in NTG11
    • Brake bias is adjustable
    • You will be able to take spring rubbers in/out
    • AI Will bump draft with you/follow you
    • You will be able to use your custom schemes during split screen multiplayer
    • All sponsors are signed and in the game (aside from alcoholic sponsors)
    • AI programmed by in-race telemetry collected from their real life counterparts

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