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    i have noticed casters are set high on LF tire than RF tire.
    i seem to get better lap times if I swap these caster settings LF # on RF and RF # on LF. Oval tracks.

    does this sound right ? Or am I loosing grip and should look else where in my set up?

    recently working on Richmond track. Doing 21:51 lap with only anti spin on 2 stars all other assists off.

    ( Xbox 360 joystick controller)

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    They say your RF caster is always higher than the LF caster. Or you could run em equally if wanted to. Seems like the caster setup adjustment is backwards in this game. Caster is help with turning into the corners, higher the caster the looser the car feels.

    Been messing with casters for awhile might need Dave to elaborate on how the settings are supposed to be.

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    Dow Phoenix
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    Crank them all the way to 6 on most of the tracks you go to. Mile and a halfs and such. I don't know why but it works. Then work on other things from there. Beware of tire wear though.
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