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Thread: Daytona Setup

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    Daytona Setup

    I am trying to fix my own setup to run a little more stable. I'm on Xbox and I run 47.27 on my own but the car feels light in the turns. I feel as if I turn the wheel any more than maybe 1/2 an inch it wants to either drift up to the wall or down to the apron. It's a Dega setup so I'm guessing that's why. Any idea's on how to adjust it and not totally ruin the setup I have going? I have no idea how to set up a car...

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    Yea, Daytona and Talladega are two completely different tracks, and there's only so much you can share setup wise between the both of them. What's your setup looking like?

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    If your car is tight in the turn, try dropping your right front ride height by .1 just a tick no more. Or raising your right rear ride height by .1 but not both at the same time. Or you could try taking some front seat bar out, or adding some rear sway bar.

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    I ran Dons setup 200 by myself...low 45s

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    All well and good for you stewartfan11 but those PS3 setups don't work well with Xbox. I will try out some other things and get back to ya later. I did get me a good 'Dega setup that doesn't drag and runs 199-200 on the straights. I'll post later for xbox users.



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