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    Nascar Online Summer Series (NOSS)

    Hello! I am still looking for drivers to be in the Nascar Online Summer Series (NOSS)! This will be the first ever season of the league. This will be a 2012 cars only league as some people do not have the Gen 6 cars. We will race two times a week: Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm EST and Thursday nights at 9:00 pm EST. Our first race is on Tuesday June 18. Comment your gamertag below if you're interested in joining or message me (RavensFan221) on Xbox Live with the number you want to be and I'll let you know if it is available. We'll run 18 races over the summer with an 8 race chase at the end. All races will be default setups EXCEPT for the Superspeedways (Daytona and Talladega).
    Here's the schedule:
    Daytona 250 @ Daytona (Day) on Tues. 6/18/13
    Subway Fresh Fit 250@ Phoenix on Thurs. 6/20/13
    Food City 250 @ Bristol (Day) on Tues. 6/25/13
    Auto Club 200@ Auto Club on Thurs. 6/27/13
    NRA 250 @ Texas ( Night) on Tues. 7/2/13
    Aaron's 250 @ Talladega on Thurs. 7/4/13
    Fedex 200 @ Dover on Tues. 7/9/13
    Quicken Loans 200@ Michigan on Thurs. 7/11/13
    Toyota/Save Mart 175 @ Sonoma on Tues. 7/16/13
    Quaker State 200 @ Kentucky on Thurs. 7/18/13
    NO RACING UNTIL 7/30/13

    CHASE: 200 @ Pocono on Tues. 7/30/13
    Irwin Tools Night Race 250 @ Bristol (Night) on Thurs. 8/1/13
    Advocare 250 @ Atlanta (Day) on Tues. 8/6/13
    Federated Auto Parts 200 @ Richmond (Night) on Thurs. 8/8/13
    Geico 200 @ Chicagoland on Tues. 8/13/13
    Hollywood Casino 200 @ Kansas on Thurs. 8/15/13
    AAA Texas 250 @ Texas on Tues. 8/20/13
    NRSS Championship 250 @ Daytona (Day) on Thurs. 8/22/13

    The points system will be as follows:
    1. 20
    2. 17
    3. 15
    4. 13
    5. 12
    6. 11
    7. 10
    8. 9
    9. 8
    10. 7
    11. 6
    12. 5
    13. 4
    14. 3
    15. 2
    16. 1
    The top 5 drivers in points will make the chase, with the driver with the most wins outside of the top 5 in points also making it. All chase drivers will start out with 240 points, with everyone except for the wild card qualifier getting a 5 point bonus for each win during the regular season. Other than that, the points system stays the same for the chase drivers. The driver with the most points at the end of the 8 race chase wins the championship!

    If you can't make it for a race, just let me know and you will get the same amount of points as last place depending on how many people show up for that race. If we should get more than 16 drivers for a race, than the top 10 drivers in the points will be locked into the race and heat races will be run for the remaining 6 spots.
    - Qualifying and race
    -Lobby will be opened up at 8:30 with race beginning at 9:00
    - 50% race length
    - 2x Tire Wear
    - Manual Cautions/ Black Flags
    - Visual Damage Only
    1. The biggest rule is respect. Respect the other drivers around you, you're hear to learn and have fun, not to be rude to each other.
    2. 2012 cars only in the league.
    3. Make sure to let me know if you can make a race.
    4. Be in the lobby by 8:55 pm EST on both Tuesday and Thursday nights.
    5. DO NOT purposely wreck other drivers, not even for a win. Accidents are fine, they'll happen but if things start to happen frequently, you could be kicked out.
    6. It's okay to hang in the back if you're just learning a certain track. I'm accepting everyone into my league, as long as you're not a wrecker or a rager.
    7. If there ever is a major issue with a specific driver, the league will take a vote with majority ruling to decided whether you will be able to stay in the league or not.
    8. HAVE FUN!
    A few notes:
    Please like our league on facebook by going to:
    The race results as well as the driver points will be posted on that page! Also, if anyone has the ability to record our races and post them on youtube, please let me know! You have my permission to do so if you have the ability to do that! Lastly, if you don't have a facebook to check the weekly results and point standings, no need to worry! If you give me your e-mail, I can mass mail everyone in the league that information weekly! Please let me know which number you want to be in your message to me if you want to join the league. You can join anytime throughout the season! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Numbers Taken:
    2- RavensFan221
    20- Bubbabob011987
    22- Shamrox666
    36- marsh9897
    11- RCA VolzZ
    88- AdrianDewCrew88
    42- HillBilly Zep
    51- P0WERH0USE J0SH
    24- NMLB HellRaiser
    17- Rash501
    78- northrizzle420
    21- SHOxFear
    15- NascarFan4Life
    10- HaZy xTwiiford
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    We are still looking for drivers to join the league, we're now up to 12! Our first race is this Tuesday: June 18 at Daytona. Contact me on Xbox Live (Gamertag: RavensFan221) if you're interested in joining the league or comment your gamertag and the number you want to be on here.

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    XxtapoutxX2448 and ill use the 48
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    have u thought about making a website i know a good one

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    48 is available and we have a facebook page, may consider making a website in the future but let me know more about the one you know.

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    insanepredator0 and I'd like the 13 if available.

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    The 13 is available! Add me on Xbox Live if you want to join. (Gamertag: RavensFan221)

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    i can do it i usually go to u can make it for free or u can buy a membership for your own link or it would be ****
    i usually stick to the free one tho

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    first race today!! good luck you guys see u on the track also is there gonna be qualifying?

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    Yes, there will be qualifying.

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    Hey Ravensfan, make sure to email Wayne Cannon, from the website. If want to bring your league to our homepage it would be great. You would be in charge, just like I am for the Monday Night league we race in. He would host your drivers and points as well. Let he or I know!

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    That's alright man, I'm happy just staying in the Monday Night Series and running this one on my own, thanks for the offer though!

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    Can you change the time for the races in August cause ill be in school during that time

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    I thought we were racing tonight?

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    Gt is Shamrox666 I'd like the number 78

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    marsh9897 is my Gt and if the number 36 is available i would like it and this would be my 1st league ran so i will probably take it easy and learn at 1st

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    I would like to join the league as the 11 car GT RCA VolzZ
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    I'm gonna use 22. I thought we had gen 6 cars

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    I got all the bugs worked out. Lol. I hate that happened last night. See y'all tomorrow night

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    Add Content

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    Nascar Online Summer Series (NOSS)

    I'll join doesn't matter what car I drive gt is fdjmotorsports

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    Alright, cool you're in! You have to pick a number though.

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    Nascar Online Summer Series (NOSS)

    Which ones

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    Hey everyone, the Nascar Online Summer Series (NOSS) is now officially on youtube. Thanks very much to one of our racers, insanepredator0, for recording and uploading the last 5 minutes of our Daytona 250 at Daytona. He'll be uploading more videos throughout the season, so please subscribe to him. Here's the link to the video:
    Also, please like us on facebook by going to:


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