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    Nascar the Game 2013 or 2014 for ps3

    Does anyone out there can tell me if the nascar 2013
    will be released for PS3 or PC only? want a ps3 ... The inside line
    is with old cars ... I want a game that has come
    with the sixth generation cars without me having to download an update as well as the inside line.

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    I doubt the ps3 or 360 will see 2013, 2013 is x86 (pc platform) What you may see is a newer improved 2014 for the pc, xboxone and ps4.

    get the pc if you can run it...way better then on the ps3...

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    was what I imagined ... the pc version does not interest me, my pc is windows xp and from what I saw the game support is windows 7 ... easier me to buy a console ... the way is to wait for the release of the PS4 and xboxone here in Brazil... I hope to have 2014, the game is sensational.

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    All NTG13 is, is a ported version of IL for 360, is you want it for console buy NTGIL
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