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    Ultimate driving force gt setting

    this is, imo, the best setting for Logitech driving force gt and nascar the game 2013. try it and tell me about force feedback:65 road force feedback: 65 steering deadzone: 0 accelerator deadzone:50 brake deadzone: 50 steering sensitivity: 100 steering linearity: 50 accelerator sensitivity: 50 brake sensitivity: 50 assist: all off! in Logitech profle put 220 degree for rotation
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    Brake & Accelerator dead zone of 50? That removes 1/2 the travel, doesn't it?

    Here's what I have for my Logitech G25 Profile game specific setup as.

    Logitech Profile

    Use Special Force Feedback Device Settings (checked)
    Wheel, brake, accelerator set to 100% sensitivity.
    Overall Effects Strength 100%
    Spring Effect Strength 70%
    Damper Effect Strength 45%
    Enable Center Spring (checked) with a Centering Spring Strength of 15%
    Use Special Steering Wheel Settings (unchecked)
    Use Special Game Setting & Allow Game to Adjust Settings (checked)

    In game settings:

    Force Feedback 80%
    Road Feedback 40%
    Steering Deadzone 1%
    Accelerator Deadzone 0%
    Brake Deadzone 0%
    Clutch Deadzone 0%
    Steering Sensitivity 20%
    Steering Linearity 50%
    Accelerator Sensitivity 100%
    Brake Sensitivity 96% (tested at Indy to tone down brakes locking up to early)
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